Viviana, The Mullikin Studio, Jacksonville FL, Newborn Photography

March 20, 2016

So perfectly fitting is the meaning of baby Viviana’s name. For her name means “life” and that is exactly what her adoptive parents, John and Kris, have given her. As we waited for Vivienne to fall asleep, her parents told us the story of her adoption and I was amazed to learn what a lengthy and difficult process adoption can be. I was cut to the heart when I heard how their previous adoption attempt, a year earlier, had failed, when the birth mom decided not to go through with the adoption. Even though the couple knew how heartbreaking a failed adoption could be, they were resolute to go through with the process again. And now, precious newborn Vivienne has become their baby girl and a little sister to their two-year old daughter.

With each newborn we photograph, I am reminded what a miracle life is! And, now I realized what a miracle adoption is. What a gift.


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