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April 8, 2016

Josh was in the Air Force in California and was flying home to Ocala when he met Lauren on an airplane. They couple will now always remember Us Airways flight 569! It was the week of Christmas and they talked for the entire 3 hour flight. All Josh knew was that Lauren was from Jacksonville. Then two weeks later, Lauren had a friend request from Josh on Facebook. He took the time to find her. She had left an impression on him.

Now, two and a half years later, they have been blessed with baby Zachary, who was born at home on April 17th and Christopher who recently turned four.

Christopher is sassy and smart. He likes power rangers and paw patrol and they  sometimes go to the zoo twice a week week! He loves making people laugh and racing down the sidewalk. He loves baking and the colors green and purple. And he can swim!!!

Zachary is known as beans and is known for his smile and chunky-ness. At 11 months he’s 27 pounds! He loves to eat, is a great sleeper now, and refuses to say “mama”. (He says “dada” and “uh oh” all day). He can walk and run anywhere and gives the best hugs!

Josh works for web.com now and is going to school full time while Lauren stays home and takes care of the babies.

They love going to the zoo, pool, beach, Dave and busters (Josh is annoyingly good at those things), and spending time together with family.



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