Savannah Jo, Lemonade Stand Stylized Session, Jacksonville FL, Baby & Kid Photography

May 18, 2016

We photographed this special “Lemonade Stand” session on the eve of my second Mother’s Day. I was plagued with a terrible sore throat, but I’m so glad that didn’t stop me from being in the photos with my little 20-month old daughter, Savannah Jo. Looking at the images, I forgot all about how sick I was and am instead overcome by the gift of motherhood. When this little lady made me a mom, within an instant my life was not my own anymore. She has stolen my heart. Motherhood is the hardest job I’ve ever had. It’s day in, day out, round the clock. It’s constantly wondering, “Am I doing this wrong?”. There’s no clock to “punch out” on during sick days. And yet, it’s more rewarding than I could ever explain. Whatever trials we’ve endured during the day, at bedtime, when she curls up with my in the rocking chair, blankie in her hands, paci in her mouth, singing yet another stanza of Jesus Loves Me – in that moment I wish I could freeze time. What a blissful time of life this is. Tiring? Definitely. But, more than satisfying. To all those Mamas out there – Happy belated Mother’s Day. It sure looks good on us…


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