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Raulerson Family, Walter Jones Historical Park, Jacksonville FL, Family Photography

October 26, 2015

There could be no greater gift for a Mom than a family photo session. Speaking from experience, as moms, we are so often the ones behind the camera, capturing those priceless moments. We are the ones working hard each day, whether in the office or at home. We may not always approve of the way our post-baby figure looks reflecting back from the mirror. Typically, we are covered in spit up or apple sauce and just haven’t got around to pulling a comb through our hair yet. We’re in no shape to take a photo.

And yet, as the years pass by, when we look back on those family photos we beam with joy. Because, for just one moment, we were able to pause life and capture the joy that family brings. We can remember just how small those little fingers and toes were and the sound of their toddler laughs.

Last week, Jeff had the wonderful opportunity to capture the Raulerson’s family (Owen and Jenna and their adorable son, Maverick) photo session at Walter Jones Historical Park. Owen is an air traffic controller, and Jenna is a stay at home mom. Maverick loves everything outdoors, animals and trains. He also does gymnastics and goes to preschool a few hours a week. He loves exploring and socializing and golfing with his daddy! As a family, they love to be active at their crossfit gym, and also spend time hanging out outside and taking Mav fun places. They also love to visit Disney.

They brought along Maverick’s grandparents for the session and I’m so glad they did! Maverick’s granddad is his BFF, which is so special because my favorite image from their session was of the two of them holding hands. Priceless.


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