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Nick+Catherine, Washington Oaks State Park, Palm Coast FL, Engagement Photography

September 6, 2016

Nick is in the Navy and as fate would have it, he met Catherine while stationed in Pensacola. The two stayed “friends”, as they both knew that Nick would be leaving Pensacola within the year. However, what began as friendship quickly turned into romance and love. In no time, they both knew that distance didn’t matter and they decided to stay together even after Nick moved to Jacksonville.

On one special night, Nick planned a dinner with their friends in downtown Jacksonville near the friendship fountain. After dinner, one of the girls coordinated a group photo at the fountain. As we everybody was standing together, the girl said “on three everybody say cheese”, but on the count of three, everyone yelled, “Catherine will you marry me?” Catherine was completely shocked and super happy that Nick planned such a special proposal.

This was our first time photographing at the gorgeous Washington Oaks State Park. We are honored to be documenting this wonderful couple pledging their lives to one another this coming fall! 



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