Joplin Project

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On May 22nd, 2011 an EF5 Tornado, tore through Joplin, Missouri causing over $2.8 billion dollars in damages. Three days later we traveled with Journey Church International and Gleaning for the World to help with relief. 

Our truck turned down a city street and there in front of us, for as far as our eyes could see was…devastation. We still don’t have the words to describe what we saw that day. Paved driveways led to piles of debris where houses once stood. Bark had been stolen from the trees. Cars were flipped over and scattered everywhere. 

We watched people walk through their yards, completely dazed, searching for any belongings that still remained.

In between cutting through debris with chainsaws, passing out water and hot food or simply offering to pray with survivors, we captured some unforgettable photographs.

The disaster claimed 158 lives and 1,100 were injured. At the time, the Joplin tornado was the worst to strike the US since 1947 and was ranked as the seventh deadliest single tornado in US history.

The Mullikin Studio strives to make sure events like the Joplin Tornado are Forever Remembered.





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