Patrick+Angela 27

Patrick+Angela, Alpine Groves State Park, Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that is definitely true in Patrick and Angela’s case! The two met almost 5 years ago in Chicago, where Patrick was living and Angela was just visiting. They met through […]

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Paul+Stephanie, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

Stephanie knew she didn’t have feelings for Paul. They worked at the same cafe in St. Augustine; him, a delivery driver, and her, a waitress. They quickly became friends, but Stephanie told him she wasn’t looking for anything more. But, […]

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Shawn+Katherine, Jacksonville Landing, Main Street Bridge, Friendship Fountain, downtown Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

We were extra excited to photograph Shawn and Katherine’s engagement session, because we haven’t shot in downtown Jax yet. Each time we go downtown and stand at the river’s edge, we fall in love with this city all over again. […]

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Mike+Connie, Alpine Groves State Park, Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

Mike and Connie lived in New Jersey, when Connie applied for a job here in Jacksonville. When she got the job, the couple knew it was a make or break decision for their relationship. However, as fate would have it, […]

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Chris+Nicole, Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

Chris had been doing his research for several months, secretly stalking Nicole’s Pinterest page to get a feel for what rings she liked best. Next, he asked Nicole’s parents for permission like a true gentleman. Finally, the special day had come. […]

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Jim+Tia, Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine FL, Engagement Photography

When Jim turned from his stool at his bike studio to greet the next client, and a bright smile and big blue eyes flashed at him from behind the counter, he knew it was going to be a good day! His […]

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Kevin+Kadie, Forsyth Park, River Street Savannah GA, Engagement Photography

When Jeff’s college buddy, Kevin, called and asked if he could photograph his upcoming proposal, we were thrilled! First, because Kevin was Jeff’s old roommate and a groomsmen in our own wedding. Second, because we love Savannah and were hoping […]

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Tyler+Baleigh, Downtown Fernandina, Fernandina Beach, Fernandina FL, Engagement Photography

Tyler and Baleigh were destined to meet. In fact, their meeting should’ve happened many times before it finally occurred. They were students together at the same nursing school and would’ve been in class together. The two also attended the same church. […]

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Brian+Amanda, Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens, Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

Amanda had no idea her life would change nearly three years ago, when he sister invited her to a wedding in the Dominican Republic. It was in that tropical paradise, where Amanda met Brian. The two were seated across from […]

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Andrew+Joyce, The Ribault Club, Jacksonville FL, Engagement Photography

Andrew and Joyce have discovered that the best relationships start off as friendships first. In fact, they first met 10 years ago, in high school. They bonded over their mutual love for all things Disney and stayed friends throughout the […]

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