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February 7, 2014

One thing you might not know about Jeff and I is that we are very loyal Royals fans! The Mullikin family has had season tickets to the Royals for as long as I’ve known Jeff. I knew going into this marriage that I had to be a Royals fan! It’s been so much fun going to so many of the games and cheering on our boys in blue. So when Marianne Moore, wife of Dayton Moore, the general manager of the Royals called asking us to photograph a new charity’s fundraiser, “C You in the Major Leagues”, we of course instantly accepted! The event was held at the Bob Allen Ford car dealership in Overland Park. I may have been a bit starstruck around Salvidor Perez, Ned Yost, Rex Hudler and the famous auctioneers, The Nigo Brothers. 

My favorite part of the evening was listening to Ned Yost speak. He told us about his 3 mentors and what they each taught him. One of his mentors was the great Dale Earnheardt. During the MLB strike Ned traveled with Dale to seven of his races and became the “Water Boy” in the pit crew. He told us how Dale always wanted to win and about a specific time when his pit crew was encouraging him to “settle” for 13th after an early crash. However, Dale wouldn’t listen to his crew and he finished up at 2nd. Later that night, surrounded by his wife and mom, Dale looked into Ned’s eyes and said, “Ned, they wanted me to be mediocre today. Don’t ever be mediocre.” 


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